Apple CarPlay Support Now Available.

Among domestic apps, this is the first to be compatible with “Apple CarPlay” and if your device is compatible, you will be able to safely and pleasantly enjoy music while in your car.
On this occasion of having become newly compatible, if you have a device compatible with “Apple CarPlay,” simply by connecting your iPhone with your on-board display, not only will you be able to use the “AWA” interface, which is optimized for automobile on-board display systems, but you will also be able to easily use app operations such as the on-board display touch panels and steering remote controls, and comfortably and safely enjoy music via “AWA” even while driving. By connecting to your accessible-by-smartphone and PC “AWA” account, not only will you be able to listen to your music and playlists as you’re always accustomed to doing, but because we are now equipped with “offline playback capabilities” to enable playback even without a data transmitting environment, you can continue to enjoy your music in your car without worrying about data loads or connectivity issues.
Because “AWA” has created over 15,000 playlists designed on “driving” and “riding” themes, not only will you be able to enjoy music that will match your driving moods, but in the future, we will be connecting to your car navigation and GPS features to recommend optimal playlists to match your location and environment. We have plans to further develop features for “AWA” which will make your drive even more enjoyable.

Playlists designed on “driving” and “riding” themes(extracted segments)

What’s more, as of October 2015, “AWA” is now compatible with “Android Auto™” and with the current compatibility with “Apple CarPlay,” is now compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems and automobile on-board devices.
As of February 10, 2016, “AWA” has now exceeded 7 million downloads, and continues to expand its reach among users. Looking forward, not only will streaming song lists be expanded, but more features will continue to be progressively added for compatibility with the latest devices, and to ensure comfortable enjoyment of music in a variety of lifestyle environments.
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