Release of the Widget for the iOS Version of AWA. Timely Browsing of Daily Music Possible.

From February 27th, 2017, AWA has begun to provide a Widget for iOS. 

With the Widget for iOS that has now been released, in the Today View that can be displayed by swiping right in the home screen, lock screen, and notification center of iPhone, there is a new function that can display the latest playlists of the day, and the quick launcher of the app

In the TODAY'S PLAYLISTS widget, you can browse in a timely manner the playlists for that day, which change daily, and are displayed in BROWSING. If you tap on the displayed playlists, a detailed screen starts up, and it is possible to seamlessly operate until playing. 

In the QUICK START widget, it is possible to directly start up the Search, Favorites, Library, and My Playlists screens. In addition, when logging out, it changes into a login button in Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail, and you can immediately access AWA. 

For how to set the widget, please see the following. 
- How to set the widget. 

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