Wireless Audio System "HEOS by Denon" to Support AWA. Japan's first-ever Wi-Fi speakers with AWA built-in going on sale.

We have provided the audio brand Denon with AWA's music streaming API.

This means that the "HEOS by Denon" brand of wireless audio systems, to be released by Denon today on March 15th, will add support for AWA on May 24th, 2017. By selecting an AWA playlist or track from the HEOS app, it will be possible to stream music from the HEOS device. Because music data is directly streamed from the AWA server to the HEOS device, there is no need to worry about using up the battery of your smartphone or tablet.

Comment from AWA's company director, Tetsutaro Ono, from the March 14th, 2017 "HEOS by Denon" Press Release

"Upon analyzing the activity of AWA users, we found that the amount of time spent using the service on holidays is increasing. With our prediction that "home entertainment" will continue to become more and more important in the future, we are happy to welcome this collaboration with D&M Holdings Inc. This will be AWA's first time ever offering up our API and we would like to use this collaboration as a chance to actively work towards providing support for new devices as well."

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