New No-Fee Monthly Free Plan Now Available / Listen All You Want with the New Highlight Playback Feature

Starting November 7 (Sun.), 2016, we’re offering the Free Plan, a new no-fee monthly plan that will allow even more users to come enjoy music with us. Together with this, we’re also happy to announce the addition of the new Highlight Playback feature.

Sign up for the Free Plan and, with the exception of Offline Playback, you’ll be able to use free of charge all the main functions of our service, such as On-demand Playback, which lets you chose what songs to play, and Playlist Creation/Publication. These will be available to you on all your devices, from your smartphone to your desktop. Also, we’ve expanded considerably on the number of playback hours per month, from 1 hour previously to 20 hours now, letting you enjoy AWA now more than ever. What’s more, though only music playback with the newly-added Highlight Playback feature will be available with this plan, you’ll be able to use it ad-free, unlike before.

Available for use with both the Free Plan and the Standard Plan, the new Highlight Playback feature lets you listen to the most exciting 90 seconds* of a song, using fade-in and fade-out so you can listen without interruption. With Highlight Playback, you can enjoy a revolutionary new way of listening to music as well as get a chance to encounter a greater selection of music than ever before. 

Additionally, once you’ve updated your app to the newest version you’ll be able to start using the new no-fee monthly Free Plan and Highlight Playback function, available from today.

Old and new Free Plan comparison

Old and new Free Plan comparison

*Length of playback time portion varies with song.

AWA started its service in May 2015, providing over 30 million songs to subscribers, and since then it’s grown into Japan’s largest music streaming service, featuring artists that can’t be heard anywhere else as well as upwards of six million user-generated playlists. Now as before, we’re pursuing a service that allows listeners to encounter and reunite with new music easily and enjoyably, aiming to expand on both our music selection and functionality and bring new life and energy to the whole of the Japanese music industry.

New plan table

New plan table

*The plans as listed above come separately with a 30-day free trial of the Standard Plan, starting from time of first install.
*In conjuction with the Free Plan renewal, as of November 6, 2016 we will no longer offer the Lite Plan, and new Lite Plan subscriptions will no longer be available. Current Lite Plan subscribers will have their subscriptions automatically terminated on December 6, 2016, even if they do not terminate their subscriptions themselves. Also, any Lite Plan subscriptions may be used until the end of their validity periods, even after subscription termination.

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