Support for the new Facebook feature Music Stories.

AWA has added support for the new Facebook feature “Music Stories” which began on July 5th, 2016 (Fri.) in Japan.
With “Music Stories”, if a user shares a track, album, or playlist from AWA in a post on Facebook, a friend who sees the post can listen to the sample audio in their news feed without downloading AWA. Plus, users who have downloaded AWA can now switch seamlessly over to AWA after hearing the sample and listen to the full song in AWA just like that.

This addition will enable users to share tracks and playlists they’ve created themselves in AWA with more people. Moreover, we’ve made it possible to provide a new way of enjoying music, by sampling music shared by friends in your Facebook news feed and posting comments and reactions to the tracks right on the spot, discovering tracks you’ve never heard and artists you didn’t know about through word of mouth from your friends.

*See here for details on how to share on Facebook

We will continue to expand our songs under distribution while actively developing new functions and carrying out a variety of projects.

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