AWA Launches New Equalizer Feature - A Joint Development with Music Equipment Manufacturer ONKYO

AWA has launched its new Equalizer feature for Android & iOS, as of November 16th, 2017.

This new equalizer feature by AWA allows users to manipulate music during playback in order to change the mood of the songs.
Users can adjust the volume of specific sound ranges, emphasize low or high notes, increase the volume of vocals, and more, making it possible to change the overall mood of songs during playback.

This new feature has been created as a joint development with ONKYO Corporation (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan; President: Akihiro Takada), a manufacturer of a wide range of audio visual equipment. ONKYO has provided its support by offering advanced specialist knowledge in the field of sound production, with the objective of creating a new high-quality experience. The equalizer feature can be accessed through both AWA streaming plans: the Standard Plan (¥960 per month, including tax), or the Free Plan (no monthly fee).

As denoted by the original meaning of the word, an equalizer offers functionality capable of adjusting the sound of a piece of music so that it "equals" its state when it was first recorded. However, nowadays, equalizers are also able to freely control the volume of various frequencies to produce desired effects. This allows users to enjoy music with uniquely different moods.

The use of equalizers to enjoy music has become widespread all over the world. In 2004, a music user from abroad discovered the "Perfect" equalizer settings. These are world-renowned settings that can match any type of music. Then in 2014, a music user that calls himself "Professional Music Creator" made improvements on the "Perfect" equalizer settings to create the “Eargasm Explosion” settings. This shows that there are many people around the world who actively use sound equalization feature.

AWA's equalizer is able to use as many as 25 preset settings, including “Perfect” and “Eargasm Explosion,” and also allows users to configure their own settings.

As streaming services have become more and more widespread in recent years, many people have been able to gain easy and convenient access to music. On the other hand, people have also become more restricted by the capability and performance of their smartphones, earphones, and headphones, getting less and less opportunities to enjoy a music experience that allows them to appreciate every single sound. Thanks to this new equalizer feature, AWA is able to provide a much more liberating music experience on a smartphone, by allowing users to enjoy sounds that have never been heard before, emphasize sounds that they personally found pleasant, and more. We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy the sounds of your favorite songs just as you like them!

To commemorate the release of this feature, we will be running a special gift campaign, from November 16th, 2017 (Thu) to December 15th, 2017 (Sat), to give away a pair of AWA original wireless earphones (ONKYO W800BT, worth ¥30,000), to 100 people selected at random from users of the new equalizer feature.

Please see here for more detailed information about the campaign.

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