3 Months Free! - Limited Time Christmas Campaign. Right now users have a chance to receive a special present as well!


AWA Christmas Campaign will be taking place from December 1st (Fri) through December 25th (Mon) 15:00, 2017.

During the Christmas Campaign, users who sign up for a Standard Plan for the first time will have their regular one-month free trial period extended to three months (*1). Even if you have already completed your free trial period, you are still eligible for this plan if you have never signed up for a Standard Plan before (*2).


In addition, our Equalizer Feature Release Campaign, in which 100 lucky users have a chance to win AWA Original Wireless Earphones worth ¥30,000, and our GET YOUR TRENDS 2017 Present Campaign, in which 100 lucky users can win an AWA Original Portable Battery Charger, are both currently going on as well(*3).

Now's your chance to save when starting a Standard Plan and possibly even receive a present as well! Don't miss out on this chance to upgrade!

(*1) Users who sign up through Google Play or the AWA Official Website will receive a 90-day trial period. Those who sign up through the App Store will receive a 3-month trial period.
(*2) Only first-time users of AWA will be able to receive their 90-day free trial period when signing up for a Standard Plan through the AWA Official Website.
(*3) For more on how to apply, campaign duration, and other information, please refer to the links for each campaign.

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