"HAYAMIMI" Project to Become Regular Feature

Coinciding with the February 9th, 2017 (Thu.) release of "HAYAMIMI #4", the fourth playlist for the "HAYAMIMI" project, AWA has decided to make the project a regular feature going forward.

AWA launched the HAYAMIMI project in December 2016. The project aims to be the first to spotlight exciting new music and artists that have yet to gain much recognition, with the use of AWA's playlist feature.
Amid a music scene in which countless pieces of music are released every day, HAYAMIM seeks to be the "compass" that guides users to encounters with new music. The project's name carries the dual meanings of the Japanese words "hayai" ("early") and "hayari" ("in style").
Music producer Shinichi Osawa, originator of the HAYAMIMI project, has been appointed the first curator for the project, to select the songs and oversee the playlists. "HAYAMIMI #4", released today as the fourth playlist, features up-and-coming artists who are little known in Japan, and songs that are one step ahead of the global music scene.

Additionally, as the three playlists released prior to this have received great reviews, this project will be made a regular feature in the near future. It will be presented on AWA's "BROWSING" page. New HAYAMIMI curators will also be added, across genres and generations. Please look forward to more from the HAYAMIMI project.

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