We are having a "Now Only ¥100 Campaign" for Android users. The Standard Plan is reduced from the regular price of ¥960 to just ¥100 during the campaign period.

For about 10 days from Friday, April 28th to Monday, May 8th 2017, we will be running a 'Now Only ¥100 Campaign' for Android users.

This 'Now Only ¥100 Campaign' being run by AWA is part of the 'Golden Week Campaign' being run by Google's Google Play, and the usual ¥960 price of AWA's Standard Plan will be reduced to ¥100 during the campaign only. Any Android users who have previously been users of the Free Plan, whose free trial period has already ended, can get their first month on the Standard Plan for ¥100 if they apply during the campaign (*1). This will be the first trial by AWA of offering their service for ¥100, and it will become the industry's cheapest subscription-based music streaming service (*2).

We hope you will take this opportunity to consider changing to the Standard Plan, which allows features such as offline playback, so you can listen to music without a connection, full-length playback – all of the functionality with no time limit.

(*1) Only for first-time Standard Plan applications.
(*2) Excluding the free trial period.

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