AWA releases app for "Fire TV" that can be used on TV screen with one touch


AWA released an application dedicated to Amazon's TV platform "Fire TV" on Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Thanks to this release, those who have "Fire TV" will be able to use AWA seamlessly with a dedicated interface for TV screen. "Fire TV" allows you to play music from connected or built-in TV, check song charts on the service and create playlists so you can enjoy the world's music the same way you would watch TV.

AWA began offering its services in May 2015, streaming about 45 million songs. It boasts around 10 million playlists, some which are user generated and others featuring exclusive celebrity tracks, and has grown into Japan's largest music streaming service. Now, AWA has extended its one-month free trial period to three months for people who sign up for the Standard plan (* 1) for the first time. Even those who have already completed the free trial period are eligible as long as they have not signed up for the Standard Plan yet. We will continue to strive for a service that allows you to comfortably enjoy  "discovering" and "rediscovering" new music as we introduce more functions and songs, taking the whole Japanese music industry to the next level.

(* 1) Only for users who have not experienced AWA's free trial. 90 days when signing up on Google Play or AWA's official website. When signing up on the App Store, a free period of 3 months will be granted.

■ Fire TV
No complicated setup is necessary for Fire TV. It is a device that lets you easily enjoy movies and videos on the big screen of your TV simply by connecting it via Wi-Fi or to an HDMI port. In addition to a wealth of Amazon videos, Hulu and Netflix, apps for sports and music programs, you can enjoy your favorite content from movies and dramas to sports on just one device. There are plenty of apps, so you can play games and listen to music, and the world of Fire TV expands even further for prime members with access to prime videos. With Fire TV you can easily search content by speech recognition. 

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