[Resolved] Regarding the issue that purchase cannot be performed normally with iOS apps

Thank you for using AWA.

From 7:15AM to 10:00AM on Thursday, June 14, a failure at Apple caused the problem where the collection of charges by iOS apps was not done correctly, but this problem has now been resolved.


> People who were unable to purchase Standard Plan during the affected period
→ Please restart the application and try again.

> People who purchased the Standard Plan by selecting "Start 3 Months Free Trial" on the first screen shown below during the affected period.

→ Start the service use from “Not Now” of the same screen and confirm that “Standard” is displayed for the “Account” page of “Settings.”

> People who were able to purchase Standard Plan during the affected period but for whom the setting did not become the Standard plan. 
> People for whom Standard Plan renewal date arrived during the affected period. 

→ Restart the app and confirm that “Settings” → “Account” displays “Standard.


We would like to apologize for any trouble this may have caused for our users.

If you should notice any other problems with our service, feel free to contact us through the app by going to Settings → About → Contact.

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