AWA is now compatible with “Apple Watch” - Streaming playback is now possible on “Apple Watch” with the service supported by the latest OS “watchOS 6”


The flat-rate music streaming service “AWA” is now supported by the latest OS “watchOS 6” launched by Apple. As of September 26th (Thursday), “AWA” can be used on “Apple Watch.”

“Apple Watch” is a wearable wristwatch computer (smartwatch) that is developed and sold by Apple. In addition to the usual functions of a watch, it is equipped with companion device capabilities that allow users to check their iPhone notifications as well as to send and receive emails, in addition to healthcare and fitness features.

“AWA” can now be used on “Apple Watch” as it is supported by the latest OS “watchOS 6” launched by Apple. Users can now enjoy music in a convenient and comfortable manner.

■Streaming playback of AWA is now possible on your “Apple Watch”

You can now enjoy music on “AWA” using your “Apple Watch” even without your smartphone (※1). It is now possible to stream your favorite music from "MY PLAYLISTS" created on the “AWA” app or your favorite tracks you have added to your "FAVORITES," and enjoy music with just your “Apple Watch” when you are running or training without your smartphone.


■It is now possible to operate the AWA app using only your “Apple Watch”

You can now operate the “AWA” app using only your “Apple Watch” . When you are on the train or walking, you can select the music you want to listen to using your “Apple Watch” without taking out your smartphone. You can also play your favorite track, pause a track, or skip a track from "MY PLAYLISTS," "FAVORITES" or the "LIBRARY" (all tracks that have been downloaded to your device).


Hitherto, “AWA” has been actively working on extending compatibility to the latest devices including car navigation systems, TV devices, wearable devices, smart speakers, and AI assistants (Siri) so that users can easily enjoy music in a variety of settings in their daily lives. Moving forward, we will continue to expand our services by actively extending compatibility to even more new devices and adding new features to the service.

※1: The following conditions must be satisfied in order to perform streaming playback on “AWA” with your “Apple Watch.”

・You must be subscribed to the “AWA” STANDARD Plan (monthly fee of 960 yen, including tax)

・ “Apple Watch Series 3” and newer models

・“watchOS 6” and newer versions

Please note that the “Apple Watch exclusive App Store” is not supported. As such, “AWA” and “Apple Watch” must be synced before use.

■Website with further information on compatibility with “Apple Watch”

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