Three new widgets for Android now available! With "Player," "Quick Access Play," etc., you can experience music more easily and seamlessly.

On Thursday, August 15th, 2019, three new Android widgets became available. In July 2017, AWA offered the Music Identification Android widget enabling your smartphone to hear a song and identify the artist and song title in a few seconds. Without requiring you to startup AWA, the new "Player" Android widget now enables you to play or mark songs as a favorite on your device's Home screen. The "Quick Access Play" widget enables you to easily play your playlist or favorite songs. The three new widgets thereby make it easier to enjoy music. AWA now works with a total of four Android widgets.

[New Android Widgets Now Available]

# Player Widget

This is a mini player that works with the AWA app. On your device's Home screen, you can play or pause a song or skip to the next song. You can also favorite the song currently playing. The Player comes in four sizes. They range from the Full size for a large view of the jacket to the Mini size requiring less space. You can use your preferred Player widget to listen to music.

# Quick Access Play Widget

On the AWA app's main page, DISCOVERY analyzes your favorites and displays music recommended for you. FOCUS provides a daily "Song you should listen to now" based on highly selective choices. And with MY PLAYLISTS and FAVORITE TRACKS, you can play your organized songs with a single tap for a seamless music experience.

# Quick Search Widget

You can use AWA to quickly search for the artist name, album name, song title, etc.

With four Android widgets, enjoy your music more easily and seamlessly!

See below for instructions on setting the widgets.
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