Regarding Work to Consolidate Artist and Song Data

Thank you for using AWA.
In order to make AWA easier to use for everyone, we are organizing the data that is used within the service.
*Western music with katakana and Japanese titles will be standardized into English
*Multiple versions of the same song will be consolidated, etc.

As an effect, a portion of song titles and jacket images, etc. will be replaced.
*Jacket images will change
*Katakana and Japanese titles of Western music will be changed to English titles
*Multiple versions of the same song, such as remastered editions, etc., will be consolidated
*Fav songs and album sorting orders will change, etc.
This work will temporarily inconvenience all of our users, but as it will improve the quality of our service, we kindly ask for your understanding.
We will continue to do our utmost in order to provide the best possible service, and thank you for your continued support.

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