New TV commercial to be broadcast from December 23rd, 2016 (Fri)

A new TV commercial will begin airing nationwide on Friday December 23, 2016.

The new AWA commercial will trace the company's growth from its launch in May 2015 until today, backed by the hit song "Life Is Cool" by German group sweetbox. The song's familiar melody sampled from Pachelbel's Canon, along with its message that "the life you want is yours for the taking," match well with AWA's image as we continue to grow, and create a sense of anticipation for even further progress for AWA going forward

AWA was launched in May 2015 offering a new music distribution system in Japan – where subscription-based music distribution services have not yet fully taken root and where there are also problems with illegal downloading services – and recommends new encounters and ways of enjoying music to users. Since then, we have expanded one function after another, including support for car navigation systems (February 2016), the release of an application for PC (April of the same year), and the announcement of a "Free Plan" (November of the same year) that allows use of all functions except "offline play" on a free monthly basis, and the total number of downloads has exceeded 10 million (as of November 12, 2016). We received the "Best Entertainment Application" category grand prize in the recently announced Japanese version of Google Play "Best of 2016", and we have grown into the nation's largest music distribution service, both in name and in reality.

Furthermore, as for the music available, we proactively deliver high-profile artists such as BOØWY, My Little Lover, ayumi hamasaki, Sonar Pocket, AAA, and kankakupiero, and the total number of currently available songs is over 30 million. The number of playlists created by celebrities such as famous artists, popular DJs, and music producers, that can only be heard on AWA has reached 6.5 million.

AWA will continue to pursue a service that allows users to comfortably enjoy new encounters and reunions with music, expands the number of functions and songs, and by providing this service we aim to energize the entire Japanese music industry.

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