DISCOVERY matching your tastes even more, TRENDING revamp

We are announcing two big updates.

First up is the update to DISCOVERY.
It is now possible to update the content displayed in “DISCOVERY” anytime by selecting artists and genres that you like in “Quick Discovery”.

How to use

Also, we can now make playlist recommendations utilizing audio source data on your device, enabling us to deliver playlists that match your tastes even if you are using AWA for the first time.

Next up is the new version of TRENDING.
Since we are employing new content, TRENDING has been revamped and is now BROWSING.
We’ve added “New Releases”, enabling you to check out newly released music from around the world, and “New Arrivals”, which provides a listing of albums and artists that we’ve just started distributing on 「AWA」. The information is updated daily, so you can listen to new releases and new arrivals right away.

In “Picked Out Playlists”, we display and update high-quality playlists carefully selected by 「AWA」 editors. Plus, with our new “Official Playlisters”, you can now browse a dedicated feed of playlists selected by our official playlisters, who are composed of popular DJs, music producers, and the like.

In addition, we’ve added new genres including ALTERNATIVE, JAZZ、FORK、REGGAE to our TOPCharts by genre. You can also listen to trends sorted into Western and Japanese music in each chart.

We hope you enjoy using the expanded functionality of the new, easier-to-use AWA to discover all sorts of new music.

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