What music did you listen to most in the past year?

In commemoration of the first anniversary of AWA’s release, we’ve opened a special site that analyzes the music that you listened to the most in the past year.

Login with the account that you normally use, and you’ll be able to play songs on charts that you’ve made with a variety of information including total playback time to date and rankings by number of plays for both songs and artists, as well as with your favorite music genres along with era and country percentages.
You can also look at data from AWA overall and shared data from other people.

Plus, to commemorate the opening of the site, we will be running a promotion from June 23rd, 2016 to July 31st, 2016, giving out special AWA anniversary headphones (made by Onkyo & Pioneer Innovations) to people chosen by lottery from those who have shared on Twitter, with the hashtag #AWA1stAnniversary, their own charts created with GET YOUR TRENDS.

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