Presenting "My Rolling Stones" playlists, filled with prominent people's love for The Rolling Stones

The "My Rolling Stones" project has been created to commemorate the release of "Blue & Lonesome", the first new album from The Rolling Stones in 11 years. For this project, prominent people from a variety of fields are creating playlists on AWA that express their love for The Rolling Stones. The curators' remarks on the reasons behind their song choices and their feelings about the songs will be released as a series.

In addition to Sho Okamoto (OKAMOTO’S), whose "My Rolling Stones" playlist was released at the launch of the project at the end of 2016, Chris Matsumura, Kenzo Saeki, Chikuzen Sato, Masahiro Takashima, Yusuke Chiba (The Birthday), Keiko Terada, Peter Barakan, and Marty Friedman are scheduled to participate in the "My Rolling Stones" project.

"This is a record brimming with a youthful urge for music, like having a first album all over again. As someone who's in a band, hearing this sound, conveying nothing but the notion that 'we do it because we love it,' ringing out from people who are over 70 years old is like something from a dream," says Sho Okamoto (OKAMOTO’S), who has already released his playlist.

Please enjoy great songs from The Rolling Stones on AWA, while getting to know the thoughts behind the playlists.

【"My Rolling Stones" Account】


Sho Okamoto (OKAMOTO’S)

Marty Friedman

Keiko Terada(SHOW-YA)

Chris Matsumura

*We also plan on releasing playlists from other celebrities.

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