Introducing an original playlist that features a limited edition voice message recorded by the members of “Da-iCE”!

Da-iCE's highly-anticipated 3rd album, "NEXT PHASE" is scheduled for release January 25th, 2017 (Wednesday). To commemorate AWA's exclusive early distribution of the song "Chocolate Sympathy", we are publishing original play lists created by the group's members. 

Members of the group will publish a different play list each day from January 1st (Sunday) to 5th (Thursday) on their official AWA account.

The play lists include original voice messages featuring Da-iCE group members. These messages include Da-iCE's thoughts on the songs they have selected and what kind of situation they think each play list is best for. 

We hope you enjoy this exclusive content available only through AWA.

2017/1/1:Hayate Wada

2017/1/2:Sota Hanamura

2017/1/3:Yudai Ohno

2017/1/4:Toru Iwaoka

2017/1/5:Taiki Kudo

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