AWA to Provide Their Private API for Exclusive Use by Participants at the VR × Music Hackathon "Akatsuki VR Sound Jam."

AWA has made the decision to provide their private API for the exclusive use of participants at the "Akatsuki VR Sound Jam" hackathon held by Akatsuki Inc. in April 2017.

"Akatsuki VR Sound Jam" is a hackathon for VR developers with the theme of "VR (Virtual Reality)" and "Sound (Music)" to be held for a two day period from April 22nd (Sat) to April 23rd (Sun). Yoshihito Kondoh, known as a VR evangelist in Japan, and Koki Togashi, product manager from AWA, will participate as judges during the judging ceremony on the 23rd (Sun). In addition, Takeshi Yamashita from AWA, who developed the API, will also participate as a mentor in the event. The winning team will receive 300,000 yen and all participants will receive "HOMiDOMINI", a device which allows the user to enjoy a VR experience anywhere at any time. Also, the team which wins the "AWA Special Award" will receive a prize pack of AWA original goods.

The API which AWA will be providing at this hackathon is the same as that which is to be used with the "HEOS by Denon" wireless audio system, which was released on March 15th (Wed) (support for AWA will begin on May 24th (Wed)). This will be the first time since the service's inception that it has been provided for anything other than corporate use and is to be made specially available for the participants of this hackathon before its public release.

- "Akatsuki VR Sound Jam" Details

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