AWA and McDonald's Collaboration New songs by GENERATIONS and THE RAMPAGE to be provided in advance exclusively through McDonald's FREE Wi-Fi introduced to approximately 1,800 restaurants nationwide

From March 29th, 2017, AWA will be cooperating with McDonald's Japan (head office: Shinjuku, Tokyo, managing director and CEO: Sarah L. Casanova) to provide special content through the McDonald's FREE Wi-Fi introduced to approximately 1,800 restaurants nationwide.

With this campaign, anyone connecting to the FREE Wi-Fi service in McDonald's restaurants can listen to special content provided by AWA. The first time around, customers will be provided the exclusive opportunity to listen in advance to "Sun and Moon" (release date: April 12th, 2017) by dance and vocal group "GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE" (hereinafter GENERATIONS), and "FRONTIERS" (release date: April 19th, 2017) by "THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE" (hereinafter THE RAMPAGE). Those signed on to AWA's standard plan and those in the middle of the trial period can listen to the full versions of the tracks, and users of the free plan can listen to the 90 second versions. This initiative by AWA and McDonald's is the only initiative providing an opportunity to listen to the tracks before their release.

Comments have been contributed by members of both groups: "There was a lot we could sympathize with, and we were impressed by the excellent lyrics created by Mr. Odake continuing on from his previous work. With our last work we had lyrics on the theme of love on top of a danceable track, and this was a new expression for GENERATIONS. While this work is an extension of that, I feel it's also a track drawn from a different viewpoint." (GENERATIONS/Katayose Ryota) "I think it's the kind of track where, instead of just following the lyrics with your eyes, when you listen to the track the lyrics naturally find their way to you. I hope people will listen without thinking too hard about it and experience this track where we're singing and comparing love to the sun and the moon, and that they'll listen to it when they're down and it will get them fired up again." (GENERATIONS/Nakatsuka Yuta) "Before the hook there's the phrase, 'now break through the wall,' and we really put our hearts and souls into singing it, so please give it your attention and have a listen. If you connect to McDonald's exclusive Wi-Fi you can listen to it a little earlier, so please check it out!" (THE RAMPAGE/Yoshino Hokuto).

As well as the newest tracks from GENERATIONS and THE RAMPAGE, there are also plans to serially update exclusive McDonald's playlists, and to develop initiatives that allow customers to listen to music while at McDonald's and enjoy their time there even more, such as playlists running alongside McDonald's limited time products, and playlists with music for children.

In terms of accessing these features, anyone who downloads the AWA app onto a smartphone or tablet device and connects to the Wi-Fi at any of the approximately 1,800 restaurants with McDonald's FREE Wi-Fi will be able to listen for free.*

*The 90 second versions of the tracks can be listened to for free.

■About McDonald's Japan
Since opening its flagship restaurant in Ginza in 1971, McDonald's Japan strives everyday to provide customers with the best restaurant experience possible. Their mission is "to be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink," and they follow the principles of QSC&V (Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value) that are the rules for success in the restaurant business, as advocated by the founder of McDonald's, Ray Kroc. Currently, McDonald's Japan runs approximately 2,900 restaurants throughout the country's 47 prefectures, and serves an average of around 1.2 billion customers a year with products such as burgers. Through aiming for the world's best food product management system, uncompromising "quality management," thorough investigation into "cleanliness" through restaurant operations, and carrying out sincere service, McDonald's Japan provides customers with a pleasant space to eat, and creates restaurants that customers will feel are a “FUN PLACE TO GO”.


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