AWA Added to List of Services for Users of BIGLOBE SIM's "Entame-Free Option." ~¥480/Month Service Eliminates AWA Data Fees~

As of March 27th, 2017, our service has been added to the list of services available from the "Entame-Free Option" offered by BIGLOBE Inc. (Main Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Takeshi Ariizumi, hereafter: "BIGLOBE").

The "Entame-Free Option" is an option available for users of the high-speed mobile communication service "BIGLOBE SIM" which allows for the unlimited streaming of a variety of video and music on their smartphones for a set monthly rate starting at ¥480. With AWA's addition to this list of services, users registered for the "Entame-Free Option" with their BIGLOBE SIM will be able to use the AWA service with no mobile data fees. The user will be able to listen to all of the music available on AWA, as well as make use of other options such as playlist creation, without having to worry about data usage*.

AWA has enacted a number of other methods in the past to help cut down on data usage, including offline playback and stream quality selection (High 128kbps/Normal 96kbps/Low 64kbps), which allows our users to not have to worry about their data. We hope to use this most recent initiative as a chance to continue to work with other services and expand our functionality in order to further provide a service which can be enjoyed anywhere at any time without the need to worry about data usage.

* Users registered for both BIGLOBE's "Entame-Free Option" and AWA's Standard Plan will incur the regular monthly fee of ¥960.

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