HAYAMIMI Project Announcing a second curator and a favorite of Shinichi Osawa, Licaxxx!

On Thursday, April 20, 2017, along with the release of the HAYAMIMI Project's sixth playlist, "HAYAMIMI #006", a second curator was announced: the new-generation multi-field artist "Licaxxx".

A project started in December 2016 by AWA, HAYAMIMI aims to deliver early recommendations of new, relatively-unknown music and music from new artists using the AWA playlist functionality, acting as a "compass" to guide users to great new music in a music scene where an endless number of songs are released each day. In Japanese, the first part of HAYAMIMI, "haya," is meant to convey a sense not only of "early" ("hayai"), but also "hot" and "popular" (hayari). Music producer Shinichi Osawa, the originator of the HAYAMIMI project, is also its first curator, responsible for creating and maintaining playlists. In addition, starting with the sixth playlist, "HAYAMIMI #6", announced today, the new-generation multi-field artist "Licaxxx", who, in addition to a main role as DJ, is also active in many roles, from beat maker to editor, writer and radio personality, now joins as a second curator.

Both "Licaxxx" and Osawa are enthusiastic about the collaboration.
"We are going to be introducing the music and titles of new songs that are born each day all over the world," says (Licaxxx). "I'd like to deliver playlists that will add new color to each and every season." According to Osawa, "It's hard to admit it, but the younger generation has a certain sensitivity and sensibility. Just as our bodies are formed based on the kind of food we eat, I think our knowledge and feelings are also affected by what we absorb from day to day. I'm looking forward to having Licaxxx, a member of the music world in her 20s who certainly combines a high level of sensitivity with this ability to absorb, share her aesthetic sense (ear) with us on AWA."

Great things are surely in store for AWA's HAYAMIMI Project.

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