AWA now offers "MUSIC IDENTIFICATION" - Just hold your smartphone up to the music to identify the song and artist -

AWA began offering "MUSIC IDENTIFICATION" on Wednesday, July 5th, 2017.

By just holding your smartphone up to any music that has caught your attention, AWA’s newly offered function "MUSIC IDENTIFICATION" recognizes sound waves to allow you to identify both the song and the artist in seconds. Additionally, identified songs can be listened to straight away on AWA, with both lyrics and other songs also displayed on screen. This function can be used with both the Standard plan (960 yen inc. tax per month) and the Free plan (no monthly fee).

Further, as this function is supported by both Android and iOS widgets, you can reliably identify the song you are listening to from your home screen in an instant.

MusicRecognation_Press_挿入画像2en (1).png

After the first broadcast of AWA's new television commercial in December, 2016, web searches relating to background music shot up, indicating that people often want to know the name and artist of the song they are listening to. By making the use of "MUSIC IDENTIFICATION" possible in a number of different situations, from music heard on television, music playing in cafes and on the street, to music sung by friends, we are providing a new way in which users can "Identify Music."

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