Fuji Rock Festival '17 account now featuring playlists to heat up your Fuji Rock summer!

Fuji Rock is finally just one week away!
With many people looking forward to the festival, AWA has opened an official Fuji Rock account.

"Fuji Rock Festival '17: Fuji Rock Festival Official Account"

A Celebrity Playlist to Pump Up Fuji Rock: 'Fuji Rock Lovers

<Participating celebrities>
・Christopher Peppler
・Bryan Burton-Lewis
・Candle JUNE
・GAN-BAN:Satoshi Toyomane

DJ Mamekuza's comment on song choices (partial extract)

"Ame-agari no yozora ni": RC Succession

I could go on naming Kiyoshiro's songs forever. This was the last song I played as DJ the night before he left on his trip to a new world. When the song finished and I decorated the DJ booth with this record jacket, I remember everyone was taking pictures.
I actually want to mention "Inaka e ikou! ~Going Up the Country~," but it's not on AWA's list (AWA, please include it). I want to mention how the tears flowed so naturally while I listened to "Day Dream Believer" during Kiyoshiro's sudden performance on that last night, how I almost cried during his duet of "Hitotsu Dake" with Akiko Yano on that big green stage, and how I raised my fist during "Long Time Ago." I also want to talk about "Jump," "Sunshine Love," "Slow Ballad," and "Baby Nanimo Kamo.

On the big day, we plan on releasing artist interviews and live set lists! Check out the AWA Official Twitter and Fuji Rock Account!

Fuji Rock is bustling with the trendy artists who are setting the mood for this year. Prepare with our playlist if you're going, and enjoy it even if you're not!

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