Business alliance with worldwide short movie platform TikTok. Adding 25 thousand popular tunes from AWA to TikTok, with 5 million total planned within the year!

AWA has formed a business alliance with short movie platform TikTok in its music division.

This business alliance will link the services of AWA and TikTok in order to expand those services and create new music value and experiences. As a result of this tie-up, 25 thousand songs including DA PUMP and Koda Kumi will be available for use when recording videos on TikTok. Furthermore, tunes will continue to be added, with a goal of 5 million available songs by the end of the year.

Additional linkages are being planned in the following fields, in an effort to expand the content of both services and improve quality.
- Users registered on AWA will be able to play back full songs on TikTok (*1) and enjoy TikTok as a music player.
- A sharing channel to TikTok will be added in AWA, allowing seamless use of both services.
- A public AWA channel will be established in the TikTok app which will recommend songs to TikTok users.
- TikTok users will receive campaign offers for AWA paid plans.

This service alliance is planned to start in early November.

Moving forward, both companies intend to make further tie-ups and develop their businesses in many directions, such as discovering new artists, auditions, producing original songs, and joint promotions and campaigns.

*1 Users registered under AWA's Standard Plan can enjoy full playback, while those registered under the Free Plan will be able to enjoy 30–90 second playback.

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