Announcing the release of “CONNECTED by AWA P[AR]TY”, an innovative new AR media experience based on the concept of AWA, at the Design Scramble2018 design festival.

At the Design Scramble 2018 design festival, to be held on Sunday, November 24th by DeNA Co., Ltd., we will unveil “CONNECTED by AWA P[AR]TY”, an innovative new augmented reality (AR) media experience based on the concept of AWA.

Design Scramble 2018, which will be held on Sunday, November 24th, is a design festival for creators and designers that takes Shibuya as its stage. 20 design and manufacturing-focused Shibuya companies will be participating, from sectors including IT, design, fashion, media art, and food, so you can spend the whole day engaging with design as you enjoy the attractions that each company has planned.

CONNECTED by AWA P[AR]TY, which we will be releasing at Design Scramble 2018, is an innovative new media experience that uses AR and natural language processing technology. If you register in advance, your own alter-ego (avatar) will appear in the AWA P[AR]TY AR space party venue. What’s more, your avatar will automatically start conversations with other avatars, matched together based on the results of a Twitter analysis, and after the event is over, you can review the chat logs that the avatars have produced together during the day. CONNECTED by AWA P[AR]TY is a production that expands the connections between its participants. It has been produced through the efforts of the designers and technicians at CyberAgent, Inc.

▼ Design Scramble2018 Overview
Event name: Design Scramble2018
Hosted by: DeNA Co., Ltd.
Date and Time: November 24, 2018 (Sat), 12:00 – 20:00
Main Venue: 8th Floor, Shibuya Hikarie (8/COURT)
Other venues: Offices of each participating company *Please see the official website for details.
Entry fee: Common tickets for the entire event: 1000 yen for general admission, 500 yen for students
Main talk events: 1000 yen for each session * A fee for material costs may be charged at some of the company workshops
Official website:
Ticket purchase page:

▼ CONNECTED by AWA P[AR]TY details page

▼ CONNECTED by AWA P[AR]TY Exhibition outline
Date and Time: November 24th, 2018 (Sat), 12:00 – 19:00
Venue: CREATIVE Lounge (Inside the CyberAgent offices)
   4F Shibuya Prime Plaza, Maruyama-cho 19-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0044

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