What song did you listen to most in 2018? Announcing special site for you to look back on your "personal music history"!


"GET YOUR TRENDS 2018", a special site that analyzes your data from 2018 to create your own "personal music history".

"GET YOUR TRENDS 2018" converts various information from throughout the year, including general data such as total replay time and total songs added to your favorites list, as well as rankings of the replay numbers by song, artist, favorite genre, and country, and into charts. Additionally, it can also take the days and times you listen to music and make it visible, and will let you know not only your tastes, but also how you connect with music in your daily life.

For example, some people listen to music the most from 9am to 10am on Mondays, meaning that they tend to listen to music before they go to work, while others listen on Sunday from 11pm to 12am, meaning that they tend to listen to music before they go to sleep; it will help you know the connection between music and your life. Also, music that has been charted can be listened to directly on the site, which lets you read your "personal music history" while you listen to music.

In addition, you can make specialty playlists such the "Greatest Hits 100", which is the 100 songs with the top number of replays, and the "Greatest Hits by Genre" which organizes the songs by genre, as well as sharing your music information charts on "Everyone’s Trends" within the site, or Facebook and Twitter.

▼Special site, "GET YOUR TRENDS 2018"


Also, on "GET YOUR TRENDS 2018", you can see the usage trends of all "AWA" users over the course of the year. We will announce five BEST 10 rankings from these trends,

・Most played songs rankings BEST 10
・Most listen to artist rankings BEST 10
・Most listened to new artist rankings BEST 10
・Newly discovered song ranking BEST 10
・Most used playlister ranking BEST 10

◆Most played songs rankings BEST10


The song most played on AWA in 2018 is "Shape of You" byEd Sheeran.
This song topped the single charts in 35 countries, and the album it is associated with, "÷ (divide)", won best pop vocal album at the sixtieth Grammy Awards, and achieved several Guinness' world records.
In second place is "Uchiage-Hanabi" by DAOKO×Kenshi Yonezu, and in third is "Wherever you are" by ONE OK ROCK.

◆Most listen to artist rankings BEST 10


The artist most played on AWA was ONE OK ROCK.
"Wherever you are", which came in third in the "Most played songs rankings", is the ultimate love song, and was released in 2010; "The Beginning", released in 2013, was the theme song for the movie, "Rurouni Kenshin"; and "Change", their newest single, released in February 2018 - their older songs through their newest song are listened by a wide audience. In second place was Shota Shimizu, and TWICE came in third.

◆Most listened to new artist rankings BEST 10


Mr.Children was the artist most listened to among artists who began using streaming services in 2018. Mr.Children began broadcasting in May 2018, and come to monopolize AWA's top 100 replay list. In second place was MOMOLAND, who made their Japanese debut in June 2018, and FUNKY MONKEY BABYS in third.

◆Newly discovered song ranking BEST 10


The song most searched on AWA's music identification feature was "Stay" by Zedd/Alessia Cara.
This massive hit was released in 2017 and reached 7 billion views world wide; no doubt you have heard it here and there this year. In second place is "Symphony(feat.Zara Larsson)" by Clean Bandit. In third is "The Middle" by Zedd/Marren Moris, which is intended to be played in a variety of places, like in town and in clubs, and on TV. The songs ranked fifth and below contain many tie-up songs for commercials and movies, showing that AWA's Music Identification feature is being used to search songs that play on TV.

◆Most used playlister ranking BEST 10


The playlister with the most overall plays was マリリン Russia-mix.
With "チケット1分で完売!ライブが超絶、楽しいロックバンド!", "ドライブにピッタリ!US一世風靡chill songs", and "ハートに刺さる中毒性hip-hop", they offer a wide selection of playlists for numerous genres and situations, as well as a rich selection of updated ranking plalists that are widely popular, such as "UK 2018上半期ランキング 1位~8位" and "最新K-POP ランキング11/16".

In second place is rui, and in third RINOS. At present, user playlists have reached a total of roughly 10,000,000 lists, showing us how many are enjoying the feature.

Additionally, to commemorate the creation of the site, we will be conducting a campaign in which we will gift a special set of AWA earphones to 10 individuals who shared the charts created on "GET YOUR TRENDS 2018" on-site (on the Everyone’s Trends), from November 27 (Tue), 2018, until December 31 (Mon), 2018.

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We encourage our users to look back at 2018 with their own "personal music history"!

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