Spend Christmas this year with AWA. AWA Christmas official account is releasing numerous playlists that match all kinds of holiday scenes.

The AWA Christmas official account is releasing playlists that match all kinds of holiday scenes to decorate your soundscape with the Christmas spirit this holiday season. 

From the classic Christmas songs to gentle JAZZ or R&B to provide a more romantic mood, or even POP or EDM Party Tunes that will bring festive cheer to your friends' or family's Christmas parties. Approximately 70 types of playlists will be released one after another to match all kinds of situations. 

▼Christmas playlists for all kinds of holiday scenes. 

And many more.

In addition to the playlists above released on the official account, AWA has over 10,000 playlists related to Christmas that have been made by our users. 
You are sure to discover the perfect playlist for you. 

If you want sweet moments with lovers, or want to party with friends and family, or simply want a relaxing, laid-back Christmas alone,
make sure you follow the 「AWA Christmas」 official account to experience an even more special Christmas season. 

Not only that, but starting on Friday, December 23, AWA is planning a promotion that will give Christmas presents to lucky people,
so make sure to follow AWA official on Twitter and see. 

▼「AWA Christmas」 Account

▼AWA Official Twitter

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